Monday, 13 October 2008

we had a bit of an Alpaca chase today. Mike mentioned that he'd passed a field of alpacas while out on his motorbike a few weeks ago (why this important news was not passed to me on the day I'll never know).

Mike was working from home, Luke and his cousin were off due to a teacher training day and I can't drive at the moment due to new anti convulsants ... so Mike had to take us all out to look at the alpacas.

We then went to see a friend whose birthday it was and one of her other friends mentioned an alpaca 'shop' just down the road. So off we went to try and find this farm. And find it we did.

I am now the pround owner of 2kg of chocolate brown alpaca fleece - half a bin bag full. Its really clean with no vegetable matter in it at all so I'm thinking I can just spin it without washing it (I rinsed a small bit and nothing came out of it at all). So I've officially got enough fibre to last me for the next 10 years ... hopefully I can borrow the Guild carder next month and make some alpaca batts. The farm was great - alpacas, sheep, goats, chooks, a well hard turkey, geese and lots of dogs. The kids loved it.

I've started my stripy handspun socks and done about 5" so far. They are really thick and warm.

have you ever heard the saying 'as useless as a chocolate fire guard' .... ?

I rang the hospital this afternoon to get a date for my operation - its going to be on Nov. 14th unless they get a cancellation earlier. It seems a long time to wait

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