Tuesday, 1 July 2008

back blogging!

I've decided to try and keep up with my blog - I've just started 6 months leave from work to try and get my chronic migraines sorted out and it will give me something to do apart from having migraines!
I went for a 'bubble' test where they injected air into my blood stream (yikes!) and its been discovered that I have a hole in my heart (bloody hell!!!). Apparently there is a suspected link between hole in heart and migraine with aura so I am on the waiting list to have it closed. This involves a general anaesthetic and cardiac catheter procedure so they can place a mesh patch over the hole which will eventually scar over. Mike saw the cardiac technician last week when he went to mend their ultrasound machine and apparently he was raving about 'how good my hole was' - not liking the sound of that!
So that explains why I am crap at running at least... or thats my excuse.

I've been learning to dye roving (wool strips) and are hoping to get a spinning wheel soon - my piano is on ebay right now in a bid to fund spinning wheel.
Here are a photo of my first roving dyeing session with acid dyes. I was thinking of a mallard duck when deciding the colours. I kinda like it! Its blue faced leicester and I dyed it in a big enamel bowl in the oven, covered in foil. Put far too much dye on it cause I couldn't get it to exhaust at all despite adding loads of white vinegar, as well as soaking in citric acid lol.

I'm currently knitting the ribbon lace scarf from Knitty.com and its turning out really well. I did start a more complicated lace pattern but after having to frog it FIVE times by row three I gave up on it. I bought some gorgeous fingering weight yarn from 100purewool.com etsy store in Lima colourway, which is a bright green/ yellow colour and is gorgeous single ply yarn.

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