Monday, 14 July 2008

I went along to the local Spinning Guild on Saturday which is held at Rove's Farm. The ladies (about 12 of them) could not have been more welcoming and friendly. I managed to break my brake band by over tightening it when I thought I was tightening the other knob. But I managed to fix it ok and got some spinning done. I find I am spinning really finely even on the largest whorl so need to practice spinning a bit thicker - the roving I dyed is a bit felted which doesn't help but looks lovely spun up. I can sit on the sofa and spin which is lovely. Mike is fascinated by the mechanics of the wheel and just sits and stares at it while I am spinning. Bloody engineers.
We had a lovely BBQ at Mike's parents yesterday pm but I got a killer migraine and have really been suffering overnight and today. Broke my 'no painkillers at the moment' rule because I couldn't stand the pain any longer. Mikes just gone to get Luke from school and then I'll go back to bed once I've seen him.
Little Molly has been on duty as 'migraine cat' today - she snuggles right up by my neck which is a comfort. It can be a very long lonely day stuck upstairs. Rosie tries to sneak up and be 'migraine cat' as well when she can. Often I have all 3 animals on the bed with me!

Heres a picture of Luke with Molly - she is his cat who I got for him when he was 5 months old,and they adore each other:

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