Friday, 4 July 2008

I'm completely stoned today. This happens everytime I increase the dose of my anticonvulsants. i can barely focus my eyes. I managed to stagger round the park with Rosie and then went back to bed. We saw a little muntjack deer on the path en route to the park. It was smaller than Rosie and took off at a rate of knots.

But at least the horrible headache I had last night has waned a bit.
I'm trying to keep away from my knitting as I'll just muck it up in my current state. I think I must be a really slow knitter though - I was talking to Mum and she says she knits a skein a day! bloody hell, her needles must be smoking.

I've got some roving steaming in the oven. I've dyed it to go with some I dyed the other day (see photo below). All I need now is a spinning wheel to play with. I managed to sell my digital piano on ebay so have some money to spend on me - I went to lessons for 2 terms but are really too whacked out either with migraine or drugs to treat migraine to actually be any good. But I feel a bit sad its going now its sold. But at least it won't be sat in the corner making me feel guilty for not practising on it.

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Cinders said...

Hi adee, sorry you're stoned. I hat that feeling. I had it when they tried me on Gabapentin before the lyica. I felt like I'd drunk 4 bottles of wine!!
Like the colour of your roving and glad your head is feeling better today. hope it lasts