Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Heres my first handspun yarn - I love how the colours have not mixed too much. It was a pig to spin though - quite felty in places:

and this is what I am going to spin next. I dyed it myself and its not felted at all and SO much easier to spin. I didn't touch it very much at all while I was dyeing which is what made the difference re felting I think.
Having trouble getting the tension right for this one though. Its very curly as it goes onto the bobbin but is spinning into lovely muted green/apricot colours:

its turned out very curly. I've soaked and whacked it and its now hanging off a coat hanger with a weight on it. fingers crossed!
I could kill my mother. She knows I have a spinning wheel. She announced to me that she'd had a lovely weekend at Fibre and Fleece exhibition in NZ .... and no, she didn't think to get me anything!!!!! grrrr, could kill her.


Cinders said...

I love the colours of your yarn and well done. I'm no expert, but your spinning looks great.

Sharon said...

Oh my! I love your colors and I am so dying for wheel right now. I promised a friend we'd both get one after her wedding so she doesn't feel bad about wanting to spend the money right now. Thanks for the comment on my blog also. Yummy sushi roll! I didn't have your email to write you back because blogger does that "no reply" nonsense.