Sunday, 20 July 2008

I've managed to spin another bobbin of yarn. I dyed this to ply with the purpley one I spun earlier in the week but its completely the wrong green so I've just used it for practice. The main thing I've learnt in the past day is to treadle slowly and not go like the clappers. It really helps to make sure you don't over twist and make barbed wire!

I'm going to spin this next - isn't it beautiful? Its merino/ silk hand dyed roving I got from Needleworks Pleasure on ebay. It will be good practice for the 100g of merino/silk undyed roving I also have in my stash. I've just noticed there is a dog hair right in the middle of my lovely roving. bloody animals!

Anyway, I sent Mike down to Argos yesterday to buy me the cheapest steamer he could so I could handpaint roving/ yarn and set the dyes by steam = hopefully less chance of felting. He came home with said steamer. Then yesterday afternoon we went to a festival cum jumble sale at a local park and found a huge tefal steamer for £2.50! So Argos steamer went back to Argos and I have a huge steamer to play with!

We all had a lovely day yesterday and I actually got out of the house! Still feeling ok today (hallelujah!) so going to Starbucks for coffee with the ginger one and then Luke is taking us to the Roman Museum. I have a sneaking suspicion that Mike would rather be watching the Grand Prix lol. Shame. Saying that Luke may be negotiable if the bribe is adequate.

Mr Sparkles is making the most of the sunny weather and has installed himself in the garden for the morning.

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