Saturday, 19 July 2008

I've wound my first completed handspun into a ball and started knitting a scarf / neckwarmer with it - I had to go up quite a few needle sizes as it made a very dense almost bullet proof fabric on 5mm needles. Mike joked I could make chain mail out of it. I did not laugh with him. The whole winding episode encouraged me to buy a niddy noddy off ebay which hopefully will enable me to gauge how much yarn I've actually made and make big skeins for easy dyeing/ washing etc. And i bought some lovely forest green merino roving to spin into thin singles and ply with the bobbin of purple/ green/ blue I spun earlier in the week.

Looking forward to Luke starting his summer holidays next week as he is good company and hopefully we will be able to do some fun things. He has been studying Romans at school lately and is very keen so we've got some visits lined up to Roman Villas etc (luckily the area round here is riddled with them as we are near Cirencester). The National Trust also has some Civil War days at one of their castles so we'll go to that too. Luke has said I can make him a jumper for the winter - he doesn't usually wear jumpers or even pyjamas as he is so warm blooded. He likes to help out with the treadleing of the wheel when the mood takes him ...

Been feeling particularly fed up on the migraine front this week - have had bad headache etc past 6 days. I feel like I have ceased to exist sometimes. My life had just stopped - can't go out by myself in case I get migraine, can't work, can't even take Luke to school lots of days lately due to sedative side effects of Lyrica. Feel I am on the scrapheap at 39. Luckily Mike is really supportive and loving, and Luke just seems to get on with things.
Wallow over.

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