Monday, 7 July 2008

I've just got out of bed. Its 2pm Monday and I've been in bed since Saturday night. Thats not good, is it? I just sleep and sleep. Saying that, I've got a migraine today but the pain is not too bad so do I trade off the side effect of never leaving my bed for less pain? I'll give it a few days cause I really can't face a killer migraine at the moment but think I'll need to go back to the GP and get the dose of my anti-convulsant lowered, if I have the brain function left by then to do it. Or I might just go to the vet and get it all over with.

Good news is that I received my lace weight yarn in the post today from 100purewool in Uruguay and its lovely. Shame I can't co-ordinate my head and hands enough at the moment to actually use it but heres a picture of the colourway I got:
Its lovely, isn't it? Not sure what I'm going to make yet but as I have 2850 yards it going to take me about 30 years to finish. I'm thinking of this Icarus Shawl by Miriam Felton. Its got to be fairly simple as I'm shit at doing lace.

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