Monday, 28 July 2008

lots of fabulous yarn news to report - I've finally learnt to crochet. It took me days on and off between migraines because I just couldn't get my head around it. But now I am getting there and have started making a Bender from Futurama for Luke. On first leg so far with lovely squeaky acrylic. I'm going to embroider the black stripes on later. Trying to add the black yarn into a round may just be the thing that sends me off the edge! I am really delighted to have finally started to get the hang of it as Luke has wanted a Bender for ages

I acquired a new spinning book called the Alden Amos Big Book of Handspinning which is very interesting - some complicated stuff in there which I've skipped so far while I'm on the stupid drugs.
I rang a lady today to enquire about buying a chocolate baby alpaca fleece which should keep me out of trouble for a bit. She was lovely and is going to get back to me so watch this space.

Luke and I went to see Wall - E today. He loved it - I thought it was a bit tedious truth be told.
He took us to the Roman Museum in Cirencester on Saturday and it was really interesting. He'd obviously been listening when he went with school as he was able to guide us around and tell us lots of interesting facts. Well worth a visit.

Had a couple of migraines this week (one of which indirectly involved a visit to A&E which I won't go into - you really don't want to know) but generally I think the Lyrica tablets are helping at 400mg a day (150mg am, 250mg pm) - I am having more days I feel better and are able to do things. I actually had 4 days without a migraine over the past weekend which is just fabulous. Much as I hate taking anti-convulsants I am crossing my fingers that these may be helping. Its been a really hard 4 weeks getting the dose right though, harder than any other drug I've tried so far. I don't even want to think what its going to be like coming off them.
No news from cardiologist or neurologist yet about seeing them.

Sorry no photos today - its been 31C here today so all the animals are laid out unconscious in various locations around the house. Not a pretty site!

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