Wednesday, 2 July 2008

damm damm damm!

I'm just swearing because I can't seem to do a row of my ribbon lace scarf without dropping a stitch somewhere - Its been going really well until I blogged about it yesterday and now its cursed lol! I think I'm probably getting a migraine actually because I lose all contact between brain and fingers when I am. damm damm damm. I wanted to play with dyeing more roving today too!
I'm gonna have to go and lie down and spend some quality time with BBC World Service, my migraine radio station of choice. You'd be surprised about how much useless information I've gained over the past year listening to it. I'm well up on coups in remote countries and stuff like that.
I'll leave you with a picture of Mr Sparkles attempting to help me wind some yarn:

... and he does get away with everything with those big blue eyes. Considering we only got him 3 months ago (from a couple who weren't home enough for him) he has settled in really well. Too well according to Mike, who calls him Mr Entitled through gritted teeth!

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