Thursday, 10 July 2008

just seem to be sleeping all the time at the moment - can't be bothered doing anything at all. My brain and fingers have disconnected again so can't even knit. Just need to get the right dose of this bloody pregabalin.
Going to go back to bed if I can find room in between the cats.
nup, no room with cats so up watching tv with Luke and trying to get some information about the Roman Museum. But as he 'doesn't answer questions' its proving difficult. 8 yr olds grrr.

I may be getting this little beauty tomorrow if all goes to plan:

photo from Majacraft website

Its a Majacraft Rose spinning wheel. You can read more about it here on the Majacraft website. Its made in New Zealand (like me!) of solid Rimu (unlike me!) and is an ex-display model from Hedgehog Equipment in Wales. Sarah has been very helpful and patient so far - I'm hoping Mike will find out how to use it when he collects it so he can explain it to me v-e-r-y slowly.
I'm sure Sparky can't wait to chase all the bits of yarn like the king pest he is, love him.

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